EPC Solutions (Engineer/Procure/Construct)

Turnkey solutions for power substations, power system design, purchasing, substation design, substation construction and testing and commissioning

Turnkey EPC Solutions

Saber Power champions the Engineer/Procure/Construct (EPC) model for electrical power systems projects. We specialize in electrical substations, switchyards, and transmission and distribution work for a very diverse client base encompassing the electric utility, petrochemical, renewable, commercial, and institutional markets.

Many of our projects are inclusive of site preparation design and environmental permitting. We support our clients’ largest capital projects and their assets throughout the project life cycle, from planning and design to operations and maintenance.

We prioritize communication, schedule, safety and quality, and we are proud to exceed our clients’ expectations. More than half of our EPC substation projects result from repeat business.

Saber Power performs all studies, engineering and procurement for our substation and T-line projects and conducts construction testing and commissioning through our NETA-accredited wholly-owned subsidiary, Saber Power Field Services. Saber Power can also participate in any other type of substation and T-line type projects where full EPC capabilities are not a requirement. As part of the full delivery of projects, we also have a network of Alliance Partners at our disposal (some of whom are HUB organizations) for civil construction, material hardware, fencing and any additional non-core services for Saber Power.

Procurement relationships benefit our clients

Please thank all of the Saber Power crew members that dedicated countless hours on our substation project. We appreciate all of their hard work.– B.G, Large public utility company

Our negotiated terms and master service agreements aid in transaction speed and expedite material delivery and subcontractor mobilization. Our strategic supplier relationships span the electric power marketplace.

We are also able to work closely with client recommended suppliers, meeting both specifications and schedules. We leverage these relationships for our clients to expedite quoting and provide economic solutions for their projects delivered in a timely fashion. These relationships are a tremendous benefit to our engineering department as timely receipt of supplier data is integral to maintaining project schedules.

And although we have key supplier relationships with all major manufacturers, we believe competitive bidding offers our clients the lowest market price. All suppliers are qualified by procurement specialists on their ability to meet client scope and specifications, competitive pricing, delivery, technical support, customer service, warranty, and QA/QC programs. Warehousing is also an option we provide for storage of project materials, as needed and when available. Our purchasing volume and expertise guarantees the transfer of the shortest manufacturing slots and the most competitive market prices to our clients.

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