Electrical emergency response 24/7 for Houston, the Gulf Coast region and globally

Electrical emergency first responders for municipalities, hospitals, data centers, large industrials, plants, refineries, utility companies

Saber Power is equipped to help our clients get their large electrical systems operational. Our team conducts emergency response, electrical triage, damage assessment and inspection. We have the resources and capabilities to rebuild and replace damaged electrical systems to get our clients running quickly — ensuring a safe, reliable return to operation.

Saber Power Emergency Response

Saber Power Emergency Response

Our electrical technicians serve as first responders in major catastrophe areas such as hurricanes, storms, explosions, floods, tsunamis, and other emergencies, and are experienced repairing water-damaged electrical systems.

Saber Power’s emergency electrical team can perform electrical triage and establish temporary power via generators, typically within the first 48 hours.

24-Hour Emergency Electrical Field Service

  • Electrical emergency first response
  • Electrical triage
  • Electrical system damage assessment
  • Inspection and testing of high voltage equipment
  • Equipment repair / recondition
  • Spare parts support
  • Replacement equipment
  • Installation commissioning and startup
  • High, medium and low voltage circuit breaker repair and replacement
  • Power and distribution transformers repair and changeout
  • Oil circuit breaker repair and changeout to SF6
  • Instrumentation and meters
  • Motors and motor winding resting and repair
  • Battery inspection, testing and maintenance
  • Ground fault monitors
  • “Board-up” services
  • Building dehydration
  • Generator solutions
  • Temporary HVAC
  • Refueling


  • Substations, Switchgear, MCC
  • Breakers – 600V, 5kV, 15kV, 38kV
  • Vacuum, Oil, SF6 Breakers – 15-230kV
  • Contractors/Starters
  • Transformers
  • Large Motors
  • Direct Replacement Breakers
  • Generators
    • Units ranging from 4kW to 2MW
    • Daily, weekly, monthly and discounted standby rates available
    • Delivery, refueling, and maintenance services available

Strategic Supplier Partnerships

  • Contractors
  • Engineers
  • Electrical suppliers
  • HVAC

Flooded Equipment That Must Be Replaced

  • Molded Case Circuit Breakers
  • Low Voltage Fuses
  • Busway (Mylar Wrapped)
  • Solid-State Components
  • Overload Relays
  • Electronic Trip Units of LV Power Breakers
  • All Dry-Type Transformers
  • All Dry-Type Control Circuit Transformers
  • Liquid Filled Transformers
  • Cast-Resin Transformers

Flooded Equipment That May Be Reconditioned

  • Enclosed Switches
  • Busway (Power Coated)
  • Panel Boards
  • Switchboards
  • Adjustable Speed Drives
  • Manual and Magnetic Controllers
  • Motor Control Centers
  • High Voltage Circuit Breakers (AC)
  • Low Voltage Circuit Breakers
  • Protective Relays, Meters, Current Transformers Low and Medium Voltage Switchgear

We’ve assisted in emergency response for all types of companies and municipalities:

  • Hospitals
  • Data centers
  • Large industrials
  • Plants
  • Refineries
  • Utility companies
  • Municipalities

Electrical Emergency Response Examples

Hurricane Recovery Experience:

Hurricane Laura 2020 – Nederland, TX
  • Provided and installed 40 MW of gas turbines for storage tank/pipeline facility
  • Staged and dressed eight 5 MW of gas turbine units near substation
  • Installed cable tray raceway between units and 15 kV substation building
  • Installed 15 kV cable terminations from Turbines to 15 kV switchgear
  • Interconnections for Turbines
  • Provided relay settings for Turbines and 15 kV gear
  • Developed energization plan for feeding 15 kV system with 40 MW of turbines
  • Tested and commissioned all MW equipment and Relays for power generation
  • Staged and dressed eight 5 MW gas turbine generators
  • Installed cable tray and cables from each generator and service equipment
  • Provided turbine interconnection wiring
  • Turned over operational system encompassing all above in six days

Hurricane Harvey 2017 – Houston, TX
  • Harvey recovery services provided to 38 of the 51 industrial plants with known wind & flood damage
  • Complete rebuild of every electrical component in 6 substations (including power panels, PLCs, VFDs & MCCs) of entire plastics unit 6’ to 7’ under water
  • Engineering assistance to tie new equipment with 1970’s era equipment
  • Provided 28+ generators and established two camps
  • Avg. of 100+ techs for 4 months including night shift for several weeks
  • Assessed, cleaned, tested, & repaired electrical equipment that experienced over 7’ of flooding
  • Completely rebuilt all electrical components in six substations (power panels, PLCs, VFDs, MCCs, etc.) for a plastics unit that was seven feet under water.
  • Provided engineering assistance to integrate new equipment with 1970s vintage equipment
  • Averaged 100+ technicians for four months including night shifts for several weeks

Here’s a video of the Houston Mayor thanking Saber Power for our efforts to quickly restore Houston City Hall after Hurricane Harvey flooding.

Saber knows power. Contact us for more information.