Saber Power opens Austin location

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saber opens new austin texas location

Saber Power recently opened a location in Kyle, TX, supporting the Austin area. The office provides Field Services, Maintenance Services, Engineering and Safety solutions.

“We are thrilled to expand our presence in the Austin area,” said Rick Thompson, Executive Vice President of Field Services. “Our new Austin office enables us to increase our customer support in the area and deliver integrated solutions in support of our client’s largest capital projects and their assets throughout the facility lifecycle, from planning and design to operations, maintenance programs and 24/7 emergency response.”


19121 Marketplace Avenue
Bldg. 2, Suite 100
Kyle, TX 78640
Office: 877-912-9102


Zach McGlathery, Central Texas Account Manager

Jacob Norsworthy, Regional Operations Manager


Testing and commissioning

We are an independent electrical power system testing service provider. Our experienced NETA certified technicians and field engineers offer start-up testing, commissioning, maintenance, acceptance testing and 24-hour emergency electrical field service. We provide unbiased electrical testing results while ensuring accurate testing and reporting. Learn more.

Mobile Breaker Repair Shop

The Austin office schedules availability for Saber Power Field Services’ flagship 53-foot Mobile Circuit Breaker Repair Shop, providing on-site breaker support previously only offered at the North Texas and Houston locations. Learn more about our mobile circuit breaker repair services, including our Breaker Maintenance Program, here, or schedule a tour with one of the contacts below.   

Maintenance Services

Our Maintenance Services division is a dedicated team solely focused on small capital projects, providing professional electrical procurement, installations, upgrades, and replacement services across all industry sectors. The team is unique because we are prepared with the knowledge, capabilities, and resources that are typically only available for large-scale projects, yet our agility allows for completing small-scale projects in a fast-paced environment. Learn more.

Engineering Services

We provide all aspects of electrical power system design, analysis and integration for medium, high and extra-high voltage installations. Saber develops solutions that fit our clients’ needs, addressing common issues such as budget and time constraints, constructability, outage awareness, technical and logistical concerns and coordination with adjacent projects. Regardless of whether our client generates, transmits, distributes or utilizes electricity, Saber’s engineering team provides a technically superior, constructable and timely design. Learn more.


Saber Power is a safety-driven organization. We define safety management measures to implement specific and effective job-site safety programs and delineate each individual’s responsibilities. Our technicians are required to complete more than 40 safety courses and attend recurrent training annually. Courses include construction safety, electrical safety and job safety analysis, among others. In addition, Saber offers many electrical safety and technical training courses and substation and switchgear maintenance training courses for industry professionals and technicians. Learn more.

24-Hour Emergency Response

We provide emergency response, electrical triage, damage assessment and inspection for municipalities, hospitals, data centers, large industrials, plants, refineries, and utility companies. Our electrical technicians serve as first responders in major catastrophe areas such as hurricanes, storms, explosions, floods, tsunamis, and other emergencies, and are experienced repairing water-damaged electrical systems. We have the resources and capabilities to rebuild and replace damaged electrical systems to get our clients running quickly — ensuring a safe, reliable return to operation. We can perform electrical triage and establish temporary power via generators, typically within the first 48 hours. Learn more.

As we grow, we are always seeking NETA certified field service technicians. View our Job Listings.