Military Veterans: We Want You!

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saber power loves hiring veterans

Saber Power Services is committed to hiring U.S. military veterans and assisting in veteran transitions from military to civilian careers. We recognize the wealth of self-discipline, teamwork, leadership and job skills instilled by your service to our nation and are pleased to say that those values align seamlessly with our existing business culture.

Dedication and loyalty brought you to a career in the military. If you want to join an organization that respects your commitment to service and allows you to translate your skills to a successful civilian career, consider Saber Power.

Veterans at Saber Power will find challenging and rewarding work directly related to their skills and talents. Just as importantly, they will find a camaraderie among the brothers and sisters, peers and leaders who support their distinct needs as well as a culture that honors and respects their contributions in the military and in our organization. Veterans hold positions throughout our organization, from our executive leadership to the front line.

“We are proud to hire our nation’s military veterans. These are high achievers who are accustomed to working under pressure and thrive in a team environment. Saber Power will benefit greatly from this initiative and the veterans we hire will as well,” said Rick Thompson, Executive Vice President, Saber Power Field Services.

View the tables below of applicable military job codes which include the skillsets we seek and can directly link to various job roles throughout the company, then visit our careers page to view current open positions and apply.

Prime Power Production Specialist MOS 12P
Interior Electrician MOS 12R
Power Distribution Specialist MOS 12Q
Power Generation Equipment Repairer MOS 91D
Air Force
Electrical Systems Specialists 3E0X1
Electrical Power Production Specialists 3E0X2
Coast Guard
Electrician’s Mate EM
Machinery Technician MK
Electronics Technician ET
Electrician’s Mate EM
Machinist’s Mate MM
Electronics Technician ET
Fire Controlman FC
Sonar Technician STS/STG

All Services

  • Officers with engineering degrees (EE preferred)
  • Other engineering and technical MOS codes (aviation, electrical/electronic specialties)

For more information, please contact and mention which of the above skill sets applies to you.

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