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SABER Power Services
9841 Saber Power Ln
Rosharon Texas 77583
Ph: 713-222-9102
Fax: 713-236-8386

Technical Support
Electrical Field Service - For help with any Maintenance, Testing, Repair, Design
or Engineering questions - 713-222-9102

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Substation Electrical Services

  substation services

Our Technicians utilize the latest equipment and techniques to provide accurate state of the art results for new and used electrical equipment.
  - Complete Substation Maintenance, Testing, Repair, Start-up and Commissioning
- Power Transformer Testing (Power Factor, TTR, Winding Resistance, SFRA)
- CT and PT Testing
- Bushing Cleaning, Testing and Repair
- Load Tap Changer Service and Maintenance
- Corona Detection Camera and Mitigation
- Switchgear and Motor Controls
- Bushing Tests and Cleaning
- CT and PT Test / Maintenance
- Relay Calibration & SCADA
- SF6, Vacuum and Air Circuit Breaker Testing and Repair
- Cable Repair and Splicing - Underground and Overhead
- Cable Testing - Hi-Pot, VLF, and Tan-Delta
- Station Battery and UPS System Testing
- SF6 Leak Detection - Laser, Sniffer, Halogen
- Infrared/Thermography
- Mobile Oil Dehydration and Treatment - Transformers, OCBs, LTCs
- Relay Calibration, Testing, and Commissioning
- SF6 Power Breakers - Live and Dead Tank
- Oil Circuit Breakers
- Grounding System Installation and Testing
- Transmission Line Installation and Repair
- Motor Operated Switches
- GIS Welding and Additions
- Bus Welding and Extensions

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