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Electrical Field Testing, Breaker Repair, Substation Construction - For help with Maintenance, Testing, Repair, High Voltage Construction, Design or Engineering call:


Hurricane Harvey Electrical Contractor - Electrical Repairs - Power Generators - Emergency Flood Recovery - Houston, Texas

Houston and the whole Southeast Texas region is experiencing its worst storm recorded in history, with countless power outages and widespread floodings. Saber Power Services is equipped to get our customers' large electrical systems back on their feet. Our team will conduct electrical triage and have full capabilities for rebuilding and replacing water damaged electrical systems. Saber is ready to help municipalities, hospitals, data centers, large industrials, plants, refineries, utility companies, and other large operations. Call any one of our Disaster Recovery Team members directly, Saber is ready to help our customers get through the storm and safely get back operational as soon as possible.

Medium & Large Voltage Electrical Disaster Recovery Team

One of the largest Electrical Testing Contractors in Texas | Safety - Service - Quality

Back Up Power Generators 250kW, 150kW, 125kW, & 70kW ready for deployment

Power Generator Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey floodings around our building, Saber is ready to support affected customers in the Houston area, Gulf Coast region, East Texas & Louisiana

Electrical Contractor - Electrical Repairs

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Welcome to Saber Power Services, LLC

Saber Power Services, LLC is headquartered in Houston, Texas and is focused on serving Utility, Industrial, and Commercial Customers along the greater Gulf Coast, as well as throughout the US and internationally. Give us a call with your electrical needs 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Field Service Capabilities and Overall Capabilities

This is our main card for all Industrial and Utility Customers.

Substation and Transformer/Oil Services

Overall HV Substation capabilities and what we can do for Oil Services and Transformers.


Highlights our extensive international experience.

Online Test Reports

As an added-value to our customers, all test reports can be downloaded on-demand from our secure FTP server, password-protected & free of charge. Be sure and ask us for more details.

Our Business Goals at Saber Electrical are fairly straightforward:

  • Be known for providing the most knowledgeable support people in the industry, on both new, and obsolete, electrical equipment.
  • To provide quality services at a very competitive price.

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Oil Dehydration Services - Oil Dehydrator

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